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The inauguration of the International Shymkent Summer University 2017 (SSU 2017) will take place at the Auezov SKSU on June 7 at 15:00. Students participating in the summer school of the...


Deusto University announce that the Call of Applications for a scholarship within the Erasmus+ project for students and staff is now open: The deadline for submission of documents is 1 Jun...


          Dear students, graduates and employees of the M. Auezov SKSU we are glad to inform you that our University has become the participant of the project « Silk Route», which wa...


Центр Болонского процесса и академической мобильности объявляет отбор кандидатов на обучение по совместным образовательным программам с ведущими вузами РФ: Российским университетом дружбы народов, Новосибирским государственным университетом, Московским государственным университетом им.Н.Э. Бау...


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The Bologna process and SKSU

The roots of the ideas of the Bologna Process date back to the Conference of Education Ministers of Europe countries  in 1971, which outlined key directions of development of a pan-European education.

The basic document of the Bologna Process is the Bologna Declaration, signed by 29 European Ministers June 19, 1999. Subsequently, the process of reform came to be called the Bologna Process.

At present, the Bologna Declaration was signed by 47 countries. The designated document is the starting point for the modernization and reform of higher education and the creation of the Common European Area of Higher Education.

In 2010, ministers in Budapest and Vienna reported for the realization of the ideas of the Bologna Declaration in their respective countries, and noted the establishment of a European Higher Education Area, which provides rooting intellectual, scientific and cultural heritage and ambitions in Europe.

Becoming a full member of the Bologna Process in 2010, Kazakhstan, in accordance with signed agreements, is obliged to ensure the implementation of all the ideas and principles underlying the construction of the Single European educational and scientific space. This fact determines the need for extensive changes in the system of the Republic of Kazakhstan higher and postgraduate education in order to implement the parameters of the Bologna Process and to overcome the existing gap.

Required parameters of the Bologna Process:

- The three-tier system of higher education

- Academic credits ECTS

- The academic mobility of students, teachers and administrative staff of universities

- European Diploma Supplement

- Control the quality of higher education

- Creation of a single European Research Area


References parameters of the Bologna Process:

- A single European evaluation

- Active involvement of students

- Social support for needy students

- Education throughout life


Optional parameters of the Bologna Process:

- Harmonisation of the content of education in areas of training

- Non-linear trajectory of student learning, elective courses

- Modular system- Distance learning, e-learning courses

- Academic Ranking of students and teachers

The results of the testing

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Information Day

Information Day

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Meeting with students studying on the inside Academic mobility

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